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Practicing skills such as time management is a big part of doing well in school. Knowing how to manage your time can help you turn in your assignments on time, have more time to study for exams, and overall do better in school.

3 Ways of Improving Your Time Management

Set Realistic Goals

Setting realistic and attainable goals is the first step in learning to manage your time. Tools like to-do lists are great to avoid getting sidetracked and focusing on your priority tasks. The other advantage of having to-do lists is that by prioritizing some tasks over the others, you can avoid feeling overwhelmed, and it can help you track your progress easily.

Prioritize Your Tasks

As mentioned above, prioritizing your tasks is also essential for time management. Think of each of your tasks in relation to your goals. For example, if you have an assignment due on the last day of the month, but you have an exam a week before, you might want to prioritize studying for the exam before working on the project.

Have Time Limits

Another way to keep you on track is by assigning time limits to each task. Using the example above, you might have two essential tasks, but one has a closer due date. In this case, you might want to set aside time for the task that needs to be done sooner and work in shorter periods on the other. Once you’re done with the first task, you’ll be able to focus 100% on your new priority.

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