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Device-Free Zones at Home

All the devices and screens we have in our homes are designed to grab our attention. That’s why having device-free zones at home can be helpful when limiting screen time for children. It might seem complicated at first, but not having screens available at certain times or in specific spaces can be an opportunity for family time spent doing things together like cooking, playing board games, or reading together.

Plan Outdoor Activities

For children or teens that are already used to having screens around, limiting screen time can be challenging. That’s why you need to get creative when doing so. One great way to do this is by substituting it with outdoor activities. Activities like swimming, hiking, going to the beach, or visiting their favorite playground can be a great way to play, exercise, and bond without having a screen around.

Model Good Screen Use

Lastly, modeling good screen use is another great way to help children and teens learn to regulate themselves when it comes to devices. Putting your phone or tablet away when spending time with your children is a great way to teach them that there’s a time and space for devices. Leading by example is the best policy.

Screen time has become ubiquitous in many households during the past two years. That’s why working on better habits is so important. Tutoring sessions are great places to work at acquiring good habits. Call The Tutoring Center, Coral Springs, FL, at (754) 529-8930 for information on their excellent academic programs for children of all ages and schedule a free diagnostic assessment.


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